Swing Like a Pro
by Dr. Ralph Mann and Fred Griffin


This is the best book ever written. If you don’t think the proper shifting of your weight in the golf swing is not important than you may believe so after you read this book. A must read for all high level players or teachers. It will teach newer golfers too but make sure you find a PGA golf professional to give you some lessons. If your instructor doesn’t teach similar to what you read in this book than you may want to try another instructor.

Swing like a Pro is a cutting-edge, scientific approach to the study of the golf swing. With scientific accuracy, biomechanics expert Dr. Ralph Mann and top PGA instructor Fred Griffin present golfers with a groundbreaking guide to a perfect swing.

They have developed a computerized generated composite “Pro” that embodies the swings of more than 100 PGA and LPGA Tour players. Based on empirical evidence rather than one professional golfer’s opinion, these two experts combine science, teaching experience, and the best swings in the game to provide a consistent approach to getting the most out of your golf swing.
Dave Pelz The Short Game Bible
by Dave Pelz


Dave Pelz is the encyclopedia of short game statistics. The average golfer play’s 70% of their strokes from within 100 yards. What better reason to put a synthetic practice area in your backyard. The most important and yet least focused-on aspect of golf, your short game, can indeed make or break your entire game.
Hogan’s Five Fundamentals
by Ben Hogan


Ben Hogan was probably the hardest working golfer in history. We all know he could play the game. This book is like the encyclopedia of golf. He covers everything from set up to swinging the club. Ben Hogan has given us some of the greatest quotes about golf I have ever heard. “The difference between amateurs and professionals is amateurs start their downswings with the upper bodies and professionals start their downswings with their lower bodies.” Another quote I love as a golf instructor is “Golf is a game of misses, but the better your technique, the better your misses.”
Tour Tempo: Golf’s Last Secret Finally Revealed
by John Novocel and John Garrity


When Phil Rodgers said to me eight years ago, “One of the worst things you can tell someone is to take the club back slowly.” It made me stop and think. Every month one of the golf magazines has an article about how slow you need to take the club back. Pros don’t take the club back slowly. They actually all take it back within one tenth of a second. Pro’s just have such great rhythm that they look like they aren’t swinging so hard. The great thing about the book is it comes with a cd to help you practice the same tempo as your favorite pros. I guarantee it will seem fast at first. There are thousands of golf books out there on the market, this is worth reading so you can laugh when your friends are taking the club back slowly and you’re hitting it by them with every club.

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