The Speed Stik


The SPEED STIK is a training device specifically designed to enable you to increase your club head speed. Increased club speed will result in more distance. Research indicates that a one mile per hour increase in swing speed creates two to three yards more distance. An increase of 5 miles per hour, therefore, would equate to an additional 10-15 yards. SS training leads to an increase of swing speed (and more distance) with every club in your bag, not just the driver.

The speed stick is an amazing golf training aid that will empower you to hit the ball farther by increasing the speed of your swing. FASTER=FARTHER.

By swinging THE SPEED STIK and utilizing the principle drills developed for THE SPEED STIK, your swing speed will increase and you will hit the ball farther. Even if you never win the United States Open, wouldn't it be great fun to be, at the very least, THE LONG DRIVE CHAMPION OF YOUR FOURSOME!!! Of course, you will shoot better scores in the process, as well.

Every time you work out with THE SPEED STIK you will:
1. Increase strength of golf specific muscles.
2. Improve flexibility and increase range of motion.
3. Improve your sense of balance.
4. Improve your technique

Putting Arc


The putting arc takes all the guess work on whether you are stroking the putter correctly. This device should be used on your Amazing Synthetic Green. This device is used by best players in the world. It is a device that is used by all levels of players.

The straight back - straight through putting stroke with the clubface always aimed at the hole is the putting stroke of the 1980's, and it is out of date. It is used by very few successful touring pros because it is not natural, and it requires precise hand manipulation to make it work. Under pressure, this manipulation is very hard to repeat.

With the Putting Arc you learn a stroke which is taught by the LEADING ARC-TYPE PUTTING INSTRUCTORS in the game. These include Phil Rodgers, Butch Harmon, Jim Flick, John Elliott Jr., Stan Utley, Mike Shannon, Todd Sones and myself. In this stroke, the putter actually moves straight back and straight through, but on the above mentioned inclined plane. Because of this inclined plane, the putter head traces an arc when viewed from overhead. The putter face is always square to the inclined plane and only square to the target line at impact, and the ball roll is true and perfect.
Ernie Els Swing Ball

The Ernie Els Swing Ball is wonderful tool for working on your swing when the golf course is closed. The swing ball is a weighted medicine ball with some straps to keep your hands firmly glued to the ball as you simulate your golf swing. The ball comes in different weights and usually 5 pounds is enough for the average person. The ball has two colors to signify your clubface throughout the swing. I suggest you hold the various positions to ingrain the feelings throughout your swing. Holding the top and finish of your swing can also lead to increased flexibility.
Impact Ball


The impact ball is a full or partial swing trainer. The impact ball goes between your forearms. Getting the arms and body to work properly is very difficult to do as you swing the club. This training aid is very frustrating for some at first. That is because your arms want to separate as you swing the club. Many other training aids try to achieve this same thing. The difference with the impact ball is if you don’t keep things working properly the ball will fall out. I have worked with Tour Professionals who are swinging their balls 200 times per day.
The SwingSetter
by David Leadbetter


The SwingSetter is a perfect training aid if you believe your wrists and hands are a power source in your golf swing. I believe if you don’t set your wrists and then release them through impact you will not hit the ball at your true potential. There are three things I feel this training aid will help everyone greatly.
The grip is so important to learning the proper mechanics of your swing. "Great golf begins with a great grip." The patented Form Molded Grip (made by Golf Pride) on the SwingSetter guarantees a perfect grip every time.
The setting of the wrists on the backswing is something that many people try to delay. The more you delay the setting of your wrists the more your swing will get long at the top of the swing and you will lose width at the top of your swing. The SwingSetter Adjustable Magnetic Balls (settings vary depending on strength and swing speed) promote a correct setting of the wrists on the backswing - setting the stage for an accelerated release through impact. The key to "swinging easy and hitting hard." If you feel yourself swinging the SwingSetter back faster than your normal swing, don’t worry, that is how the pros swing the club.
The third thing I like about the devise is the release that is created through impact. This is done with a tempo that reviles the Ernie Els’s of the world. Consistent Tempo Leads To Consistent Golf Shots. The best players in the world have wonderful tempo. You can achieve this as you rhythmically swing the SwingSetter - snapping the ball going back... then snapping it again at impact. The auditory feedback will give you perfect tempo every time when you swing your own club.

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